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New "IT" design just finished

If you anything of a horror fan then you are well aware of the classic Penny-wise clown from Stephen King's novel IT, AND if you anything of a horror fan then you are well aware of the upcoming reboot of the original movie featuring Tim Curry as PW slated to come out in Sept 2017. That being said the new trailer is really making this reboot look tasty, with the completely more creepy and horrific new Penny-Wise its sure to get some scares.

So after getting a serious jolt of motivation I knew a shirt had to be made of this freak and fast. I peeled through my Pinterest posts and google images and a few pages of the print on demand  shirt sites I upload to just to check out what kinda designs were already being created. Turns out not a lot of shirt designs out there are of the new PW character which is great news for me. 
I watched the trailer several more times and very quickly I knew what I wanted to do for the overall layout. Seeing the major chunks of the design in my head I bega…

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